Marketing Japan: The Rest of the Story: Pink Slime is Good For You …

9 Mar

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Artificial Food Dyes In Kraft’s Macaroni And Cheese Under Fire As Petition …

9 Mar

Two mothers are circulating a popular petition calling on Kraft Foods to remove artificial dyes, specifically yellow dyes 5 and 6, from its Macaroni Cheese products. The additives, the bloggers say, are tasteless and potentially dangerous.

Food bloggers Lisa Leake and Vani Hari, who together launched a petition on, are concerned about the potentially […]

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Mom Bloggers Attack Kraft Macaroni and Cheese

8 Mar

What the hell is cheesy pasta?Remember pink slime? Remember screwy additives in Gatorade? I always get a kick out of small efforts by consumers and advocates whose issues with large companies gain momentum and lead to changes in our food system.

See also: – Former Pink Slime Beef Processors are Dropping Ammonia and Picking […]

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Letter: Link between meat, cancer

8 Mar

To the editor:March is National Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month. But while the focus is on prevention through screening, the discussion is missing one of the main causes: processed meat. Most people don’t realize that they might actually be putting cancer-causing carcinogens in their sandwich or their kid’s pizza.

Numerous studies connect processed meat with […]

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$1.2 Billion in Damages: Company Goes After Diane Sawyer In ‘One …

8 Mar

The country let out a collective “Gross!” last year after details and images of “lean finely textured beef” (i.e. “pink slime”) started to make their way into nightly news reports.

Don’t tell us you don’t remember this:

Associated Press

And although America’s negative reaction to the images seems reasonable, the extremely unfortunate downside […]

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Pink Slime Is Feeding News Anchors A Big, Fat Lawsuit | Gizmodo …

7 Mar

By now, you’ve almost surely heard at least some mention of the notorious “pink slime” that’s invading fast food and, by consequence, our children’s lunches.

But since ABC News began its broadcasts decrying the “pink slime” last March, not only has its main target, Beef Products, been forced to close three of […]

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Candy Whistle-Blowers

6 Mar

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Michael Moss

Town Hall

Fri, March 15 at 7:30 pm.

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It’s the stuff that young journalists dream of, and the sort of situation that usually unfolds only in idealistic movies about reporters: […]

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